A ZEE5 Original “Sengalam” Trailer Launch Event!

A ZEE5 Original “Sengalam” Trailer Launch Event!


ZEE5 has been consistently delivering laudable content based on different genres, which has garnered a tremendous response from the audiences.

The reputed OTT platform is now ready with its next Original titled ‘Sengalam’, produced by Abinesh Elangovan (Abi & Abi Entertainment PVT LTD), and directed by SR Prabhakaran.

This is the first-ever Tamil web series based on a political thriller and is set against the backdrop of Southern Tamil Nadu. It features Kalaiyarasan and Vani Bhojan as the titular characters. The trailer launch of this series was held in Chennai. “Sengalam” is set to premiere on ZEE5 on 24th March

Siju Prabhakaran, Chief Cluster Office, ZEE5, South said, “Sengalam has been a long journey with SR Prabhakaran. This will be a never-seen-before political story. It will appeal to the interests of all audiences. We are overwhelmed with the lovely response you all gave for Ayali, and we request you the same for Sengalam as well. I wish the entire team, great success. Thank you.”

Kaushik Narasimhan, Senior Vice-President, ZEE5 Tamil said, “The support you all extended for Ayali was immense. Sengalam belongs to a different world from Ayali. I am happy to see that the entire team has worked a lot for the finest output, and wish them all success. We are happy and exhilarated to present you Sengalam soon. I request you all to watch and support it.”

Music Director Dharan Kumar said, “Producer Abhinesh is my close friend, and he got me onboard for this project. This will be a best creation that you will all enjoy watching. Director has extracted the best out of me. All the actors have delivered a promising performance. My heartiest wishes to everyone in the team for a great success.”


Cinematographer Vetrivel Mahendran said, “ This is my first web series and my first project with SR Prabhakaran sir. I am a huge fan of Ameer sir, and I am so glad to hear him appreciate my work. Sengalam has come out very well, and will definitely impress the audiences. Thank You.”


Editor Don Bosco said, “I thank SR Prabhakaran, sir. He narrated the script a couple of years ago, and we decided to make it into 2 part movie. The film has an intense story, and we believe it will bring a reputation to everyone on the team. Thank you.”


Actor Daniel said, “Many times, I would be rejected for the rural-based roles, as many have found me familiar speaking in Tamil with Chennai linguistics. In contrast, the director trusted me and gave me this opportunity to me. I believe I have not disappointed him. Sengalam will be a benchmark in the Tamil industry. I request you all to support this web series.”


Actor Prem said, “Sengalam will be a successful project. All the actors performed with utmost dedication. SR Prabhakaran’s screenplay and dialogues will be one of the intriguing elements in this movie. We are happy to materialize his vision. I am curiously waiting to see the series on the screens soon.”


Actress Shali Nivekas said, “This is my debut in the OTT platform. The story is the hero of this series. I thank SR Prabhakaran sir, ZEE5, and the entire team for giving me this opportunity to me. I request you all support our efforts. Thank you.”


Actor Kannan said, “I am a long time friend of SR Prabhakaran, and I never imagined that I would be acting under his direction. I am a cinematographer, and am debuting as actor. I request you all to support us.”


Actress Viji Chandrashekar said, “ZEE5 has created such a great platform for actors that they can blindly get into their projects. Their choice of scripts and execution is best. Director SR Prabhakaran has created wonderful work. The entire team has worked a lot to deliver good content. I have performed a riveting character in this series. I request you all to support Sengalam.” Actress Vani Bhojan said, “I will openhandedly accept any projects from ZEE5. It’s because of their sheer proficiency in choosing the best works. ZEE5 Kaushik was the first one to describe my character to me. When SR Prabhakaran narrated the script, I was engrossed, but I couldn’t take up the project during that time due to my father’s health issues. However, everyone on the team gave complete support and confidence and made me perform. I feel all such gestures are beautiful blessings for me. I am glad now for having been a part of a wonderful project. I thank SR Prabhakaran, sir. I request you all to support Sengalam.”


Director SR Prabhakaran said, “I invited Ameer sir for this occasion, only a couple of days ago, and I thank him for being here to wish us. I am standing before you all with the same nervousness and aspirations that were prevalent during my debut film. After the narration, Kaushik sir told me that it can be made as a web series, but I was doubtful. However, his encouragement and motivation instilled confidence in me. This was possible only because of ZEE5 alone. Sengalam is a political thriller that will offer many surprises. Kalaiyarasan will outshine in any given role, and he has done remarkable work in this series. Vani Bhojan has been amazing. Viji Madam, Shali, Kannan, and everyone in the cast have done a good job. Both the cinematographer and music director have been a great support for me. All the technicians relentlessly worked without any expectations. We will be soon screening you Sengalam. Requesting you all support our work. Thank You.”


Director Ameer said, “Most of the crewmembers of this series are very close to me. I am happy to see them deliver beautiful content. When I saw the trailer, I got slightly jealous that I couldn’t do such a project. Generally, when an artist or technician gets envy of others’ works, it would be a good project. In this manner, I can assure you all that SR Prabhakaran has already won. Music was the first intriguing element to capture my interest in this trailer. Visuals are beautifully captured, and all the actors have done colossal work. ZEE5 has been continuously creating good content, and Sengalam will be yet another feather to its cap. Thank you all.”


Cast and Crew: Vani Bhojan, Kalaiyarasan, Sharath Lohistashwa, Viji Bhairavi Chandrasekhar, Shali Nivekas, Manasha Radhakrishnan, Vela Ramamoorthy Bucks, Muthu Kumar, Daniel Annie Pope, Arjai, Pawan, Prem, Gajaraj, Pooja Vaidhyanathan.


Direction & Screenplay: S. R. Prabhakaran

Produced by: Abinesh Elangovan (Abi & Abi Entertainment PVT LTD)

Co Producer – Irfan Malik

Music: Dharan

Editing: Biju. V. Don Bosco

Cinematography: Vetrivel Mahendran


“Sengalam” is set to premiere on ZEE5 on 24th March

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