Aari Arjunan, CV Kumar & Erode Mahesh launch “Oru Nodi” Audio !!

Aari Arjunan, CV Kumar & Erode Mahesh launch “Oru Nodi” Audio !!

Director P. Manivarma’s film ‘Oru Nodi’ features Thamankumar, M.S. Bhaskar, Vela Ramamurthy, Pal. Karuppaiya, Sri Ranjani, and Kajiraj. K.G. Rathiish is handling the cinematography for this film, while Sanjay Manickam is composing the music. Produced by Madurai Azhagar Movies G. Azhagar and K.G. Satheesh of White Lamp Pictures, renowned distributor G. Dhananjayan of Creative Entertainers and Distributors will release this film.

While the film’s worldwide theatrical release is scheduled for this month end, the audio launch was held recently in Chennai, which witnessed the presence of film’s cast, crew members along with special guest including Bigg Boss fame Aari Arjunan, the producer, director C. V. Kumar, and the actor, speaker Erode Mahesh, who worked in the film, also attended as special guests and launched the audio.


Here are some excerpts from the event!


Director Manivarman said, “I would like to extend my gratitude to all those who are in attendance for this special occasion. I want to express my appreciation to each member of the team who has provided unwavering support throughout the promotional events, much like during the shooting phase. When seeking out opportunities, our perception by others may change. However, Azhagar, the producer, placed his trust in me and granted me the opportunity to direct this film. I am truly grateful to him for that. The storyline of this film was initially shared with Ratheesh, the cinematographer, who upon hearing it, expressed interest in collaborating on this project. Ratheesh also serves as the co-producer of this film. Due to the limited budget of the film, the producer graciously provided me with the requested resources without any coercion. Throughout the filming process in Madurai, he wholeheartedly supported the project despite numerous challenges. Once the shooting concluded and dubbing commenced, I approached Cable Shankar to lend his voice for a character. After watching the film, he expressed admiration for it. Additionally, he introduced Dhananjayan, a prominent figure in Tamil cinema, to the film. It is primarily due to Cable Shankar and Dhananjayan that this movie has gained such widespread recognition today. I am immensely grateful to both of them for their invaluable contributions.”

Cinematographer-Co-Producer G.K. Satheesh said, “Oru Nodi marks the debut production of White Lamp Productions. Cable Shankar and G Dhananjayan are the driving forces behind the success of this film. When questioned by my friends about the motivation behind producing this film, my response always remains the same: ‘I would do anything for my friend’.”


Music Director Sanjay Manickam expressed his gratitude towards the director and producer for entrusting him with the opportunity. Throughout the film’s production, the director and cinematographer provided guidance from both sides. Once the director completed writing the film’s story, he shared the entire narrative with me. Initially hesitant, I was encouraged by his words, “I have faith in your ability. Work bravely. Composing the soundtrack for the film was an incredible experience. It was the first time we had the opportunity to create music for a two-and-a-half-hour film, and the thought of it was exhilarating. The director played a crucial role in guiding me through every scene, and I am truly grateful for their support. I would like to express my special thanks to the director for their invaluable guidance. In this film, there are three songs, all of which have been beautifully sung by the talented Satya Prakash, my friend Varun Chandrasekaran, and myself. We also collaborated with the band from my college, working together seamlessly to bring the music to life for the film.”


Producer Azhagar G said, “I commenced my work on this project at the esteemed Meenakshi Amman temple in Madurai. Director Manivarman has skillfully helmed this film. Cinematographer KG Ratheesh has also executed his duties commendably. Dhananjayan has led us and our team to remarkable achievements. On behalf of our ‘Oru Nod’ film team, I express my gratitude to him.”



Actor Thaman Kumar said, “We may have generously assisted numerous individuals we encountered throughout our lives, unaware of their true motives for utilizing us for their own benefit. Eventually, we would uncover their intentions at some point. Many of us have likely experienced such situations and individuals. Such occurrences are prevalent in both cinema and various aspects of life. I may have overlooked those who took advantage of me in the past, but I have always remembered those who offered their support. Among them, Erode Mahesh stands out as the individual who provided me with the most assistance. To be honest, without his help, I would not have been a part of the film industry for the past decade or so.

I am currently content as I have had the opportunity to act in Oru Nodi. I have appeared in numerous films, some of which have achieved moderate success while others remain unreleased. Throughout this journey, journalists like yourselves have supported and motivated me. I express my gratitude to you all at this juncture. The producer is the greatest asset of this film. Skilled actors are always seeking opportunities to display their abilities, and it is the producer who can provide the necessary investment and support to nurture talented artists and actors. Mani Varman sir trusted and encouraged people like us to explore our potential through this movie.. Only producer like Azhagar has the ability to bring this vision to life, and I express my gratitude towards him for this opportunity. Despite facing numerous challenges and pressures during the filming process, the producer handled them with ease and successfully completed the movie. Initially, he kept his filmmaking endeavors a secret from his family and discreetly shot the film in his hometown without anyone’s knowledge. KG Ratheesh played a crucial role in the making of this film. In addition to his role as the cinematographer, he also served as a co-producer. His dedication and contribution to the project are truly remarkable. His meticulous planning ensured that all scenes were captured as intended each day. A total of 65 shots were completed daily, thanks to the efficient collaboration between the director and Ratheesh. The entire cast, including the actors and actresses, wholeheartedly supported the production process.”

Producer C. V. Kumar mentioned that the collaboration between Hero Thaman Kumar and director Mani five years ago, resulting in the creation of the film ‘Kanmani Papa’. This particular movie also achieved significant success. However, due to its failure to reach the intended audience, it did not receive a notable release, ultimately leading to a lack of success. Intrigued and emotionally invested in this project, I eagerly awaited updates on the progress of ‘Oru Nodi’. I am pleased to learn that producer G. Dhananjayan, known for his exceptional ability to generate interest, is now overseeing this film. With his Midas touch, I am confident that he will ensure the success of this movie in a unique manner. I extend my best wishes to the entire team.

Actor Aari Arjunan said, “I just saw Twitter now. The release of the movie ‘Aranmanai 4’ has been scheduled for May 3rd. This means there is no competition for another movie for a week. Only Vishal’s movie ‘Ratnam’ is in the race. I take this opportunity to request everyone to vote. Only this can bring a good change to the society. Both Dhananjayan and C.V. Kumar have been the pillars of Tamil cinema in encouraging young and new talents. During my crucial initial days in the industry, I would be in awe admiring the efficiency of CV Kumar sir in nourishing fresh and unique contents.  I would desperately look out if there would be any opportunities from them. They have gone in search of many hard-working people than me and have exhibited their best potentials. I wish the entire team of ‘Oru Nodi’ for a grand success.”


Producer-Distributor G. Dhananjayan of Creative Entertainers & Distributors, said, “Producer stated that he started this project ‘Oru Nodi’ at the auspicious backdrop of Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple. I strongly believe that he has a great fortune and success ahead. I also thank Ratheesh for banking his trust upon this movie, and exerting a great hard work for this project. I was invited by Cable Shankar for watching this movie, and I kept writing note points during the screening. Unlike many directors, who don’t give up on their ideologies, he accepted to make some modifications. Initially, the film’s title was ‘Nodi’, and he later changed it to ‘Oru Nodi’ based on my suggestions. Usually, I don’t get satisfied at an ease, and would keep suggesting change one after the other. I was keen on editing a 8-minute scene, and without any hesitation, he tweaked the film, and the entire team has done so much improvisations to make sure that the film will appeal to the interests of universal audiences. At the same time, when I finally suggested to make a change, director Manivarman refused and stated that it would completely change the course of this movie. I actually felt his point so precise and meaningful and it was a great lesson to me. Oru Nodi is arriving on April 26 and it will be an engrossing movie for you all.”


Orator Erode Mahesh said, “Oru Nodi is an important film to the entire team, and my close friend-actor Thaman. He has worked hard to achieve a stature in this industry for past 12 years. I pray that the film shall witness a huge success. I am glad to see my role models and icons like Vela Ramamoorthy and Pazha. Karuppaiah gracing this occasion. The sacrifices made by their families for all the actors in this film are truly commendable. Due to divine grace, the lead actors have performed their roles with great dedication. The producer, under divine grace, has agreed to produce this film. The distributor, under divine grace, is releasing this film. With the support of the audience and divine grace, I wish this film great success.”

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