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“Charles Enterprises”  is a Malayalam movie dubbed in Tamil is directed by Subhash Lalitha Subrahmanian. The film features Urvashi, Balu Varghese, Guru Somasundaram, Manikandan Achari, Abija Sivakala, Mridula Madhav and Kalaiyarasan. The film is produced by Dr Ajith Joy and Achu Vijayan under the banner of Joy Movie Productions.Subramanian KV composed music for the film. The cinematography is handled by Swaroop Philip.

Ravi Kumaraswamy (Balu Varghese), a young man is a main protagonist, suffering from night blindness, peripheral vision loss medical condition He is struggling to reach his work place early. He is almost sending out from his work. He is willing to open his own shop. He needs finance. In the time opportunity knock to him by the way of his house Ganesh idol. steals a Ganesh idol from his mother (Urvashi) who is a profound devotee who maintains the ganesh idol.


Ravi faced lot of obstacles like monitoring neighbors, CCTV cameras, etc., to make this look like a challenge for the hero. But sadly, none of it had the conviction to make us feel that it was that bigger a task. There is a sequence towards the end when Kalaiyarasan’s Charles is trying to hide from Urvashi.

Balu Varghese, is in his typical style here. The way he portrayed the confusion and lack of confidence of Ravi has a very familiar feel. Urvashi was a convincing choice to play the role of Gomathi as she has that impeccable comedy timing. But in totality, the movie has not really used her effectively. And there were one or two sequences that were comical, but it felt like they added them to make her do comedy. Kalaiyarasan, as the title character Charles had the roughness and compassion to be that character. Guru Somasundaram was necessary for this movie appearing father of Ravi. Abhija Shivakala, Manikandan Achari, Sujith Shanker, etc., are the other significant names in the star cast.

Movies become exciting for us when the conflicts are solid and believable. In Charles Enterprises, The movie aims to become a divine comedy with a happy ending that balances out everything in the climax. But the writing lacks clarity on how it wants to develop the drama and creates a film with a lot of scenes that are inconsequential to the main track

“Charles Enterprises”  is a decently well made movie. Worth to watch

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