D 3 is a movie about a series of events that happen in one day!

*Director Venkat Prabhu unveils the title look of ‘D 3’*


*D 3 is a movie about a series of events that happen in one day!*


*When an actor got tested COVID-19 positive at the airport and shooting got cancelled*


Manoj of Bmass Entertainments & Samuel Godson of JKM Productions together jointly is producing the movie ‘D3’.


Prajin and Vidya Pradeep are playing the lead roles in this movie, directed by debutant Balaaji.

While actor Charlie is appearing as an important character, the others in the star cast include Varghese Mathew, ‘Mogamull’ Abhishek, and a few more prominent actors.


The title look of this movie was revealed by filmmaker Venkat Prabhu on June 25, 2022, which has garnered tremendous reception.

The movies with the story premise revolving around a series of events that happen in a single day have always witnessed good responses from universal audiences.


The main reason being the raciness and gripping moments in the screenplay have made sure that the audiences get 100% entertainment.


Significantly, ‘D 3’ also owns a story belonging to the same league.

Major portions of this movie are being shot in Kuttralam.


Shedding lights on this movie, director Balaaji says, “I have created the story based on a real thing that I heard, about which public aren’t aware of.


This earnest element will keep the screenplay racier from beginning till the end.”


Further more, sharing the experience of the shooting of D 3, the director adds, “We have shot the movie amidst heavy challenges posed by nature. We started shooting the movie during the non-rainy season in Kuttralam, only to experience 70% of our shooting days with a heavy downpour of rain. We had to complete the filming facing this challenge.


When we had completed 60% of the shooting when COVID-19 was at its peak, a 30-yr old actor, who had played a prominent role in this movie passed away due to CORONA.


Due to this, we had to reshoot his entire portion with another actor.


Similarly, we had planned to shoot a few scenes in a famous hospital in Chennai for a rental of Rs. 2.5Lac per day. The same morning, when he had prepared and set up the essentials for the shoot, we had disappointing news. Actor Varghese Mathew, who had landed at Chennai airport from Hyderabad, was tested COVID-19 positive.


We had no options other than canceling the shoot. Such have been the challenges that we faced during the filming of D 3.”


*Actors:* Prajin, Vidya Pradeep, Charlie, Varghese Mathew, & Abhishek


*Technical Crew:*


Production: Manoj (Bmass Entertainment) & Samuel Godson (JKM Productions)

Direction: Balaaji

Music: Sreejith Edavaana

Cinematography: Manikandan

Editing: Raja Aarumugam

Stunt: Rambo Vimal

Public Relations: A. John

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