Director Ameer Starring “UyirThamizukku” Movie Pre-release Event

Pre-release Event of Ameer Starring UyirThamizukku Movie*

Moon Pictures presents ‘UyirThamizukku,’ a political drama helmed by debut director Adhambhava, marking his transition from producer to director after the success of ‘Anti Indian.’ Starring Ameer and Chandini Sridharan in the lead roles, the film features a stellar cast including Ananandraj, Iman Annachi, Marimuthu, and many more. Vidyasagar makes a triumphant return as the music composer.

PVR Inox Pictures is set to release the movie across Tamil Nadu, with a worldwide release scheduled for May 10. The pre-release event, graced by actors Ponvannan, directors Karu Palaniappan, SR Prabhakaran, and others, was held at Saligramam Prasad Label in Chennai, attended by the film’s crew.

At the event, actor and director Saravana Sakthi shared, “Before Ameer started acting, director Adhambava and I went to narrate the story to him, but we couldn’t meet him that day. Today, my friend Adhambava has risen to the point of directing a film with him. Ameer is a man who believes in maintaining self-discipline; he even respects unmanned signals. I observed his dedication and made several corrections.”

Chandini Sreedharan, the actress, expressed her enjoyment of working alongside Ameer, the hero, and Adhambava, the director, on the film set. She likened the crew to a family and shared her optimism for the audience’s reception of the film.


Iman Annachi, the actor, shared his experience working with director Adham Bava, highlighting the blend of love and comedy in the film. Despite initial doubts about working with Ameer due to his perfectionism, Annachi quickly found camaraderie with him. He also praised the film’s songs, predicting they would become anthems for revolutionaries. Annachi playfully mentioned promising Chandini a ring if she spoke Tamil well, indicating his satisfaction with her performance and teasing a reward post-release.

Actor kanja Karupu said, “Ameer gave me good roles in his films. He gave me the title of Vazhavandan and told me to live well. I am giving him the title of Puratchi Vendhan at this place.”


Director SR Prabhakaran expressed deep admiration for Ameer, describing him as his spiritual guide and a steadfast source of support in challenging times. He highlighted Ameer’s unconditional love and willingness to prioritize their friendship, even amidst busy schedules and last-minute invitations. Prabhakaran emphasized his commitment to stand by Ameer, refuting rumors of people leaving his side. Regarding Ameer’s upcoming film, Prabhakaran sees it as a pivotal moment in the director’s career, predicting a surge in stories tailored for broader audiences while urging Ameer to embrace this shift and continue creating narratives rooted in local contexts.

Actor Ponvannan expressed admiration for Ameer’s journey, highlighting how Ameer, unlike many others, faced and rectified his mistakes before entering the film industry. Despite his upbringing in Madurai, Ameer maintained a steadfast commitment to honesty and morality, reminiscent of the character Baasha. Ponvannan emphasized Ameer’s refusal to compromise his principles for financial gain, citing his own disbelief when Ameer received a check. He defended Ameer against allegations, praising his composure and self-assurance in the face of adversity. Regarding their involvement in a film project, Ponvannan noted their initial inclusion and subsequent exclusion as the storyline shifted, yet commended the director’s perseverance in completing the film.

Poet Sinegan expressed his involvement in the film, noting that he joined the project after its completion. He praised the director Adhambava for showcasing several scenes, which inspired him to compose a promotional song. Sinegan likened the film to a tale of peace and expressed optimism about its potential impact. He commended Ameer for his steadfast dedication to his craft, drawing parallels to a resilient political figure. Sinegan emphasized the importance of innocence and fearlessness in the face of criticism, applauding the boldness of actors Aamir and Adhambava and predicting success for the film.


Director Adhambava expressed gratitude to his mentor, the esteemed Ameer sir, for shaping his directorial journey through the film ‘UyirThamizukku’. Reflecting on his cinematic beginnings, he recounted how the music release of ‘His Mounam Pesiyathe’ marked his foray into the industry. Recalling a forty-year acquaintance with Ameer, he shared anecdotes of his early aspirations, including encounters with renowned directors like Bala. Despite initial setbacks, Adhambava’s determination led him to establish his own office, where he gleaned invaluable lessons from working with director Saravana Sakthi. Amidst challenges, Ameer’s guidance remained a constant source of inspiration, driving Adhambava’s commitment to producing impactful cinema. Reflecting on Ameer’s enduring influence and the obstacles faced during the production of their latest film, Adhambava underscored the resilience of their team and the impending re-release of their labor of love. With unwavering support for Ameer’s advocacy and a hopeful outlook for the future of Tamil cinema, Adhambava emphasized the contributions of his cast and crew, signaling a promising trajectory for their collective endeavors.


Director Karu Palaniappan remarked, “The film echoes the absurdity of director Adham Bava’s speech. Ameer’s choice to retain his Islamic name while directing a film of the same title was unexpected when I first joined the industry. Ameer’s peculiar habit of appearing after hearing a hoarse voice at night, claiming something amiss within the next half-hour, remains intriguing to me. I find myself still observing it. Having SP Jananathan join us on this platform would have been preferable. The three of us never harbored any anticipations.”



Director Ameer said, “This is a new platform that I have not seen since the period when my screen journey started, since the period when my political journey started. If I think about who I am in this context, Sita from the Ramayana and I are almost born together. He proved his chastity by floating in fire. He proved it once.. I keep proving it week after week. It was when the Mayavalai press conference was held that the Paruthiveeran problem started. After that the event takes place now with a different problem. What is happening around me? I don’t understand anything.


For the final shoot of Iraivan Miga Periyavan at Gokulam Studio, we put up a set and shot for one day for eight more days of shooting. The problem started from the next evening. Consider giving a self-explanatory statement. I asked Palaniappan… After giving such a statement, if we see where the opposition is coming from, people who could not confront me ideologically in the last 15 years start coming out. I have great respect for journalists. I am friendly with them to the point of talking to them in person. But with the proliferation of media today, some people have to do something to keep their stomachs full.


If I have a connection with the Iraivan Miga periyavan producer, I will say yes. But if you ask me if I have anything to do with the crime charged against him, I will say no. That courage and arrogance has always remained with me. There is nothing wrong in casting a shadow of doubt on me.. But you are passing judgement, that is very dangerous. Who gave you that authority?


In 2007, when Paruthiveeran finished, Kamal and Rajini sir said they want to do a film with me. But instead of traveling with heroes, I choose a path for myself and live a life of my own. Is my aim to earn money? Is jafar alone the richest man in Tamilnadu? They say that his life changed only after Jafar came. He came only in 2014. But when Ram was shot in Kodaikanal right after the release of Virumandi, I spent two lakhs and came to Madurai to see the film.. What do you know about me? As assistant directors, Bala and I have suffered when we came to cinema, so they think that we have come to Chennai to survive the famine. We came to the cinema with self-esteem without paying money at home.


If a criminal asks you what you have to do with him, you are going to answer. But who are these Income Tax officials to ask how you got this income? My brother, who is a contractor, bought a property and I cannot ask him how he got this money. I am a believer. Karu Palaniappan is a Periyarist.. Jananathan is a Communist.. Even during the period when all three were together, they never asked each other how do you earn money. I came to this film industry to earn money? I didn’t come for that.. I wish till this moment to live my life as I want.


I have been going to every inquiry for the last ten days. In between I go shopping and buy my favorite clothes. I don’t have any other habits. I don’t feel compelled to live on someone else’s money, that too someone with a criminal record. I would not want to live such a life. I am innocent in telling you this and I am not telling you this to believe me.


I am a person who can think with faith why this happened to me instead of pessimistically wondering why this is happening to me. From this point on I still have the responsibility to fix myself. So that’s where I’m headed. How did a person who talked on YouTube channel saying that he got many information about me, not know that they are going to arrest him in Theni? 2 lakh people watch the news every day as the person tells. Many people in the comments are asking when are you going to arrest Aamir. Is prison new to me? I was ready even then. I’m still ready.. but I feel guilty for implicating myself in a crime I hate. I also have pain.


Addiction destroys society. I hate that. I do not allow my assistants to enter my office if they are smoking cigarettes. Karu Palaniappan and Jananathan used to go downstairs without smoking cigarettes in front of me. So when I associate myself with something I hate, it affects not only me but also my family. It affects where my children go to work and where they go to college. I’m not saying don’t doubt me. Inquire.. Ask good questions. But don’t just judge. It was a new experience that I had never encountered in my life in all these years. As far as the investigating officers were concerned, they treated me with dignity. It is true that they asked me the kind of questions that hurt my heart. It is also true that I stood there confused. But they have no intention to hurt me. It is their regular duty. Then how to find the culprit?


Does anyone know the details of this case except the authorities? Don’t believe anyone else. While I was gathering details about this case, my family had gone to town for the Ramadan fast. One morning when I woke up while I was sleeping, suddenly the enforcement department was standing at my front with a gun. After that they came to my office. After finishing that I went to Madurai for Ramadan fast.


Even the first summons that came to me came out only after I said it through my lawyer.. ? But many people spoke as if they got the information through a source from some Delhi area.. Now let me tell you, I have also received another summon. Many who call themselves investigative tigers still don’t know this. I have come here only after going to this summons in person and completing the investigation for ten and a half hours. Officials are doing their duty..I have cooperated from day one..I will close this case and go out..You can’t face my you are making me guilty..why can I be made guilty?


This period is really a tough period. Many friends and relatives who were around me have gone far away. Out of the 2000 phone numbers I had, 1950 never received calls. All the birds will scatter when they hear an explosion near a tree. Only a few birds return after that. Similarly in my life also few friends came looking for me. But many remain skeptical and distant. Please don’t let them all come here. I request you to stay there. I am living my life. So I think this case and all the problems will pass.


Don’t go in expecting this film to be epic with great art. But it’s sure to make you laugh out loud. Thanks to the producer and director Adam Baba for taking the effort to bring this film to the theaters in such a critical period.”


Ameer, who answered the questions of the journalists, was asked, “There is a person who has been your friend for ten years.. but you never had any doubt as to how he got so much money. Have you ever asked this question to Subhashkaran of Lyca? If a corporate comes you don’t question them.. if you are an individual then what is the justification? He also has a criminal record in London. But did anyone ask Rajini or Vijay about it? Why are you asking me only? I believe that my life without compromise is causing such a big problem. But I willingly accept it. See if I bother others. Has there been any such news in all these years?” said.


While answering questions from the press, producer and director Adhambava said, “Are there any politicians who do not fall on their feet? Let it be a self-respecting party.. Let it be a party that speaks rationality.. You have seen everything falling at the feet of the leaders.. At that time when that scene was taken, a verse like that came to mind. We have filmed it. It has no other intention. Even those who you think are involved will walk away laughing. I don’t want to mention the names of those who are blocking the release of this film. Let the concerned people say something.. I will answer it then.”

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