“Gaganachari” Pan India Movie Review by MATHIOLI RAJAA

“Gaganachari” film produced by Ajith Vinayaka Films, Co – Produced by Krishand, Released All over Tamilnadu by Gemini Film Circuit, Written & Directed by Arun Chandru

A dystopian comedy that takes place in the 2040’s, where an apartment inhabited by three problematic bachelors soon becomes a haven for an extra-terrestrial female fugitive.

Victor Vasudevan, an ex-military officer who was part of the battle against the first wave of aliens, and his aids Alan and Vaibhav are our main characters. The military background of Victor has helped them in getting lenient treatment from the authorities. What we see in the movie Gaganachari is the series of events that happen in the life of these three when an alien comes to their bunker. A special mention to Raghavan as well.

The most impressive thing about Arun Chandu’s post-apocalyptic mockumentary, Gaganachari, is that it has a desire to communicate satire rather than putting itself on a pedestal. From witty and quirky writing to a very smart making that uses whatever their limited resources can provide, more than perfection, I would say you would feel like clapping for the conviction with which they pulled off this crazy idea.


Gaganachari is a film that fits comfortably in this age of artificial intelligence and AI-rendered images. The makers use the limited settings and budget constraints to their advantage, with the competent hands of cinematographer Surjith S Pai, Editors Ceejay Achu and Aravind Manmadhan and composer Sankar Sharma chipping in to provide a one-of-a-kind experience.

Victor (Ganesh Kumar), Allen (Gokul Suresh) and Vaibhav (Aju Varghese) trying to ascertain the intentions of a new arrival (Anarkali Marikar), an alien in human garb (Anarkali Marikkar). “Gaganachari” is a sci-fi mockumentary that tells the story of hostile aliens invading Kerala, observed through the lens of a documentary interview. The film is set in a dystopian future where Kerala is semi-submerged and has been invaded by aliens.

The story is told through witty and satirical observations about everything from food to relationships. The movie is well-received for its humor, world-building and its use of limited resources. The movie is a goldmine of comic gems for 80s and 90s kids.

Anarkali Marikar is seen playing the role of an alien who can’t speak, but when she does, she sounds like Mallika Sukumaran. Despite having limited dialogues, Anarkali Marikar is a sight to behold with her subtle performance that synchronizes with Mallika Sukumaran’s voice.
Anarkali Marikar is an untroubled character when it comes to performance as well as the tale’s progress, despite having ample screen space. The voice of the young alien, played by Anarkali Marikar, finally speaks in is of Mallika Sukumaran; how can you not laugh?

‘Gaganachari’ is not your usual film, but it will work for the non-regional audience too because of its universal subject and treatment.

“Gaganachari” Pan India Release by Gemini Film Circuit


Starring  :-

Aju Varghese

Anarkali Marikar

Gokul Suresh

Ganesh Kumar

Crew :-

Directed by Arun Chandu

Produced by Ajith Vinayaka Films

Executive Producer : Krishand

Written by Arun Chandu – Siva Sai

Cinematography by Surjith S Pai

Music by Sankar Sharma

Edited by Ceejay Achu

VFX : Meraki

Co-Edited by Aravind Manmadhan

Sound Design : Sankaran AS, KC Sidharthan

Sound Mix: Vishnu Sujathan

Subtitles : Vivek Ranjith (BreakBorders)

Production Controller : Sajeev Chandiroor

Lyrics : Manu Manjith, Rahul Menon (English rap)

Art Director : M Bawa

Costumes : Bucy Baby John

Makeup : Ronex Xaviour

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