Gatta Kusthi Movie Review by MATHIOLI S RAJAA

Vishnu Vishal Studioz and RT Teamworks productions, Written and Directed by: Chella Ayyavu “Gatta Kusthi”

Aishwarya Lakshmi is a women wrestler. She likes to achieve in her field. But, her family forced her to get marriage.

Vishnu Vishal is a free bird, he spends money his village friends and he occasionally playing kabadi with worryless from earning money. He is also seeking girl for marriage with few conditions.

Vishnu Vishal’s uncle Karunaars and Aishwarya Lakshmi’s uncle Munishkanth are good friends . Munishkanth likes to tie up Aishwarya Lakshmi with Vishnu Vishal. So, he hidden some Vishnu Vishal’s condition to Vishnu Vishal’s family members including Karunaas with the knowledge of Aishwarya Lakshmi and her family.

After Wedding what will happens if hidden conditions? – is base of story line.

In the village fair, the rival (Villain) confronts Vishnu Vishal with bullies over the decision to close a manufacturing factory. Aishwarya Lakshmi displays her creativity and defeats the villains after becoming unable to stand the bullies attacking her spouse during the fight. When Vishnu Vishal learned the truth about his wife who is she.

Why does Vishnu Vishal want to wrestle with his wife in competitions? and how each of their lives ended is what the rest of the story is about

The movie is a family-friendly comedy with a sports theme. The movie is a typical family comedy with a sports theme. The movie’s plot unfolds as anticipated.

But by including the sports angle, they attempted to add something fresh to the family drama. The film’s pleasure and humour were maintained throughout by the filmmaker. He added two more battles, which slightly increased the intensity. Scenes involving wedding attire and dismissing relationships as unnecessary seem a little funny. Additionally, Aishwarya Lakshmi is less educated than Vishnu Vishal, she knows nothing about wrestling matches, and her inability to manage her hair in front of her husband stems from the fact that she lied about having small hair in order to be married.

We laughed, though, at the hero’s horror at learning the truth about the heroine, the scene’s dramatic reversal, and his inward rage at his wife for disparaging him in front of everyone. Only scenes are present for the entirety of the first half. The plot does not advance in any way. comedy routines are tedious. Occasionally, there is humour. One may guess what will occur as the hero’s circumstances change in the second half. However, the director has injected some freshness by switching up the climaxes. The plot becomes a little more sombre during the sections where he wants to train and compete in wrestling matches with his wife.

Katta Kusthi is a great family entertainment movies. Worth to watch with family members.


Vishnu Vishal – Veera

Aishwarya Lakshmi- Keerthi

Karunaas – Rathinam

Munishkanth – Ganesan

Kali Venkat – Sattam

Redin Kingsley – Tharmakartha

Harish Peraadi – Coach kodangi



Written and Directed by: Chella Ayyavu


Cinematography: Richard M Nathan

Music: Justin Prabhakaran

Editor: Prasanna GK

Art: Umesh J Kumar

Stunts: Anbariv

Stylist: Vinod Sundar

Lyrics: Vivek

Choreography: Brinda, Dinesh, Sandy

DI: Lixopixels

Colorist: Ranga

VFX: Hariharasuthan

Sound Design: Sync Cinema

Subtitles: Sajid Ali

Publicity Design: Prathool NT


PRO: Sathish (AIM)

Marketing and Promotions: Siddarth Srinivas, DEC


Executive Producers: Seetharaman, Sridhar Varma, Vindhya Reddy

Consulting Producer: KV Durai (DCompany)

Creative Producers: Shravanthi Sainath, Swetha Kalidindi

Co Produced by Shubhra & Aryan Ramesh

Producers: Vishnu Vishal and Ravi Teja

Banner: Vishnu Vishal Studioz and RT Teamworks

"Mathioli" RAJAA


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