Jithan Ramesh’s tough and challenging experiences of working 14 hours a day in an airtight cave!!!

*Jithan Ramesh’s tough and challenging experiences of working 14 hours a day in an airtight cave*


*’Route No. 17′ shot in a cave for 22 days at 35 degrees Celsius*


*Jithan Ramesh’s risk in a cave without any ventilation for 22 days*

Dr. Amar Ramachandran of Neni Productions is producing the film ‘Route No. 17’. Abhilash G Devan, a former associate of critically acclaimed Malayalam filmmaker Kannan Thampithanam is directing the film. A noteworthy fact is that he is the director of ‘Thai Nilam’, bankrolled by the same production house that has won 14 International Awards.


Jithan Ramesh is playing the protagonist and Anju Pandiya appears as the female lead in this movie. Hareesh Peradi is performing as the antagonist’s character in this movie. Aruvi Madhan appears as a pivotal character in this movie. Amar Ramachandran, Nihas, Akil Prabhakaran, Jennifer, Bindhu, Kasi Viswanathan, Titus, and many others are essaying pivotal characters in this movie.

Ouseppachan, one of the most acclaimed music directors is composing music for this film that features lyrical lines written by Yugabharathi, Ku Karthik, and Kavignar Senthamizhdasan.


Actor Jithan Ramesh’s fame after the Bigg Boss show has become phenomenal and audiences for started celebrating his nature. To make sure that he doesn’t disappoint his fans, and this film being the first-ever movie to release after Bigg Boss, he has taken lots of risks performing the stunt sequences without using any dupes.

Respectively, he has shot a major sequence of this film in a 5500 sq. ft set work of cave erected below the ground level, near a thick forest located near Thenkasi. Many other actors alongside Jithan Ramesh have also acted in these sequences.


Since, there is no way for the ambiance to get a free flow of air, the usage of a fan would be the only way to comfort. Nonetheless, feeling that it will eventually hamper the realistic output of the film, Jithan Ramesh endured the heat and humid conditions at the scorching heat of 35 degrees Celsius, for almost 14 hours a day for 22 days.


Sometimes unable to bear the heat, he would sprinkle water on himself, and without any break or rest, would immediately get back to shooting the sequences.


The film’s first look that was revealed recently has garnered a good response.


*Technical Crew*


Production: Dr. Amar Ramachandran

Banner: Neni Productions

Direction: Abhilash G Devan

Music: Ouseppachan

Cinematography: Prashanth Pranavam

Editing: Akhilesh Mohan

Sound Graphics: Kanthara Team

Sound Design: Rajakrishnan (Kanthara Team)

Action: Jackey Johnson

Location: Saravanan Sogampatti

Artist Control: Chithra

Makeup: Rasheed Ahamad (National Award)

Public Relations: A. John

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