“”Maan Vettai”” – Music Release Function!!!

Maan Vettai – Music Release Function!!



Directed by Thirumalai, the maker of films as AgamPuram, Theenagar, Kasedhan Kadavulada, this is a commercial thriller movie made mostly with newcomers in the lead. Srikanth Deva has scored the music. This forthcoming released has been produced by director M. Thirumalai on behalf of T Creations.

The film’s Music Release Function was held in a grand manner in the presence of Media and film crew, along with Screen Celebrities.

In his address,


Producer K. Rajan said..


“Director Thirumalai is a good hearted person who helps everyone. He has completed this film in a great way. He has made Maan Vettai on the strength of his hard work and dedication. This film should do well at the box-office.. If this film succeeds, many small producers will come. I wish this film a big success!”

Karu Nagarajan of BJP said..


“Tirumalai is very brave and will not hesitate to give voice for everything. Film makers are the only people who can keep the films alive. They have to work together as an organization to solve the problems of releasing films. I wish this film a huge success.

Producer JSK Sathishkumar said..

“If the audio of a film is successful, then the film can generate huge revenue. This film fits that concept well. Good films always succeed. Malayalam and Kannada language films are the best examples. I wish this Maan Vettai will prove a grand success.



Producer PL Thenappan said..


” There is no such thing as a small film as a big film in the film industry. It will be known only after the release of the film. The title of the film is great, I hope the film too proves a great film. I wish this film a successful run.”


T. Siva of Amma Creations said..


” Thirumalai is a supporter of all things. All his films should be successful. This film is well made with a limited budget. I wish the film succeeds commercially.


Actor Ravi Maria said..


“I came for this Event only for my friend Tirumala. This film should join the bandwagon of hit films. Tirumala is a good person who can voice all problems. A good film will always win. People will always support great films. In that line this Maan Vettai film will be a huge hit!


Actor Ramesh Khanna said..

“The title of this film is catchy. The hero of the film has come up with an excellent performance. Music director Srikanth Deva has given excellent music. The anticipation of the film is increasing. This film needs your support. I wish this film a success.”



R.K. Suresh said..

“My friend is the hero of this film. He is very dedicated to whatever he does and has to reach great heights. I hope this film will give him that success. My best wishes to the entire cast of film. This film needs your support.”


Technical team details-


Written & Directed by – M. Thirumalai

Music – Srikanth Deva

Cinematography – Vijay Wilson

Dialogue – Velu Subramaniam

Cinematography – Sudha, Lakshmanan

Songs – Viveka, Sorko Karunanidhi, Eknath

Public Relations – Bharani Alagiri, Thirumurugan

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