Supreme Star R Sarathkumar talks about Spirituality with Gurudev on COLOR Tamil’s Sinthanaigal Simplified


Supreme Star R Sarathkumar talks about Spirituality with Gurudev on COLOR Tamil’s Sinthanaigal Simplified

Tune into COLORS Tamil on Sunday, September 20th at 11:00 AM to watch the conversation unravel


Chennai, 15th September 2020: “If you can win over your mind, you can win over the whole world.” Watch Gurudev Shri Shri Ravishankar share his learnings and Actor-Politician R Sarathkumar unravel his spiritual side in this week’s episode of Sinthanaigal Simplified. COLORS Tamil is all set to enthrall global audience with an insightful conversation on all things ‘Spirituality’. As Sarathkumar deliberates over everyday spiritual experiences, Gurudev shares his insights with a bird’s eye view. We give you top three reasons to catch the show on Sunday, 20thSeptember 2020 at 11:00 AM.


Practicing Inclusive spirituality: To anyone who is seeking inner peace and happiness, this episode promises to be a gold mine as Gurudev engages Sarathkumar in a perceptive conversation about inclusive spirituality. Answering Sarathkumar’s questions on belief and non-belief in God, the episode will have Gurudev beautifully outlining the purpose of spirituality for everyone. The conversation also takes interesting strides as Sarathkumar shares anecdotes about faith and belief learnt from observing his father, who was a non-believer of God.


Positive vibration and place of worship: The captivating conversation between Gurudev and Sarathkumar takes an interesting angle as they dwell deeper into the nuance of spirituality. Gurudev shares inputs on the need for places of worship and the reverberation of positive vibration.


Debunking Astral Travel: As the conversation lingers deeper into the world of spirituality, Sarathkumar picks Gurudev’s brain on the controversial Astral Travel and the myths associated. Debunking the myths, Gurudev shares the scientific reasoning behind Astral Travel and how our soul really traverses through various dimensions.


The conversation takes interesting strides and unravels deepest emotions of human life with a touch of Gurudev’s wit and humor. Don’t forget to set reminders and tune into COLORS Tamil on 20th September 2020, Sunday at 11:00 AM to watch Sinthanaigal Simplified with Gurudev.


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