‘Vangala Viriguda – Kurunila Mannan’ Movie Music and Trailer Launch Event

‘Vangala Viriguda – Kurunila Mannan’ Music and Trailer Launch Event

*Birthday of the film’s producer, director and actor Gugan Chakravarthiyar who has handled 21 crafts, was celebrated at the event*



‘Vangala Viriguda Kurunila Mannan’ is a film that stands out due to being the brainchild of a single individual, Gugan Chakravarthiyar, who has honed his skills in 21 different departments. These include Story, Screenplay, Lyrics, Songs, Music, Cinematography, Art, Dance, Fight Training (Individual), Costumes, Stills, Makeup, Playback Singer, Background Music, Production Design, Titling, Hairstyling, Outdoor Set Manager, Production, and Direction.

This cinematic experience, inspired by Abdul Kalam’s dream, promises to bring the essence of our culture to the big screen. The audio and trailer launch took place in Chennai Monday, with several distinguished guests in attendance.


Here are some highlights from the event.


Writer-Director TK Shanmugham said, “This is an extraordinary event indeed. A delightful ceremony. Gugan Chakvarthiyar has excelled in 21 different crafts. As a graduate of film institute, he has explored various artistic pursuits. He has showcased his talent in cinematography, lyric writing, and delivering profound philosophical songs, showcasing his incredible abilities. I am uncertain about the genre of this movie; initially, I believed it to be a mystery. But ‘Vangala Viriguda Kurunila Mannan’ provokes numerous thoughts. It is evident from the trailer that it touches upon social themes. The Bay of Bengal, once governed by monarchs, is now under the reign of Gugan Chakravarthiyar. May this film achieve tremendous success. Art should be beneficial to people, and I hope this film fulfils that purpose. Congratulations to Gugan Chakravarthiyar.”

Writer Kalaimamani Prabhakaran said, “Gugan Chakravarthiyar strongly believes in the principle that hard work always pays off. Every time we have a conversation, he never fails to mention this movie. His dedication and effort towards this project have been truly commendable. When Bharathiraja introduced Karthik, the son of the late actor Muthuraman, he advised him to be like a clown and entertainer, following the director’s instructions to win over the audience. Gugan has taken this advice to heart and delivered a stellar performance in the film. It is essential to wholeheartedly commit to our beliefs, just like Gugan, who has poured his heart and soul into this project, hoping for its immense success. This film is poised to be a major hit, and we are grateful for all the hard work put into it.”


Lyricist Snehan said, “This stage is special and dear to me because of my close friend Gugan. His perseverance has been unwavering, serving as a great source of inspiration. Despite facing various obstacles, his passion and hard work in the field of cinema have led him to this remarkable achievement. Gugan’s positive outlook and relentless efforts have allowed him to overcome challenges and create this film. In an industry where success is not easily attained, Gugan’s dedication has set him apart. A diligent individual like him always wins.”



Shankar, Netflix Tamil Nadu, said, “Gugan’s capabilities are limitless, as he has single-handedly achieved remarkable accomplishments. His abundant talent continues to impress, and we extend our best wishes for his continued success.”



Producer Jessica said, “Many individuals find themselves confined to a single domain, hindering their ability to function effectively. Gugan has mastered 21 different crafts. It is imperative that his skills are recognized and shared with the public. Your support is crucial in ensuring the success of this film. Thank you.”


Miracle Movies Producer Thirunavukarasu said, “Gugan has performed 21 tasks in this remarkable film. Beyond his impressive feats, the underlying message urges viewers to strive for a better life. Having watched the movie, I must say that the songs are exceptional and the overall concept of the film is truly remarkable. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We had the opportunity to discuss the film with Red Giant, who said they would take a decision on releasing this film soon. Congratulations to everyone involved and thank you for your efforts.”



Garudananda Swamigal said, “All glory to Lord Shiva. Our expertise lies in excelling in the specific industry we operate in, and Gugan has mastered 21 different crafts within the film industry. I have been acquainted with Gugan for a considerable period of time, and despite being an atheist, he is remarkably amiable (towards believers). During one of our meetings, he shared with me about Vangala Viriguda and some impactful scenes of Abdul Kalam that deeply moved me. In the past, we have witnessed individuals like Bhagyaraj and T Rajendhar who possessed the ability to handle various artistic disciplines, but it was relatively easier during their time. However, in the present era, it is quite an accomplishment to be proficient in 21 different crafts. Gugan has surpassed even that. I express my utmost respect to Gugan, who has bestowed upon me the position of a mentor and has graciously welcomed me. Regardless of the challenges one may face, there is a mantra for success, and that is to honour one’s parents. By doing so, one can achieve tremendous success. I extend my best wishes for the grand success of this movie. I kindly request everyone to shower their blessings upon this film. Thank you.”



Gugan Chakravarthiyar said, “The concept behind this movie is to unite Periyar, Anna, Kalaignar, Stalin, and Abdul Kalam in a single poster. The movie revolves around Abdul Kalam’s visionary dream. The film conveys a powerful message: Instead of emulating my lifestyle, strive to live like the individuals portrayed in it. The Bay of Bengal serves as a home to influential figures such as MGR, Jayalalithaa, Kalaignar and Anna. This movie will leave a lasting impact. Within the film, I have made a plea to the Chief Minister. Moreover, I have depicted a personal opinion towards Abdul Kalam, which has garnered widespread disapproval. However, watching the movie will reveal the reasons behind it. I take pride in addressing the audience today on the same platform where Kalaignar once stood. It is not easy for someone with financial resources to create a film; knowledge is essential. A great film with a compelling story and memorable songs will be appreciated by the audience. Success does not come without hard work. I am dedicated to my work and grateful for the support and congratulations. Thank you.”

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