Watcher Productions presents “Calcutta I’m Sorry”

Watcher Productions presents “Calcutta I’m Sorry”

Multiple Sclerosis is a peculiar disease that casts a drastic impact on the spinal cord as well as the brain which affects the individual’s life to a very drastic extent making them totally dependent. Only a few accept the situation and move on…

The Multiple Sclerosis Society of India is doing tremendous service to those affected and spares no effort to create awareness as well as to extend all possible help to those affected!

The much acclaimed feature film, Calcutta, I’m Sorry, scripted and directed by Harry McClure has its theme set around an Anglo – Indian woman named Amanda Wright who serves as a Music Teacher at Conoor is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, much to her shock!

To create awareness about how such persons affected by Multiple Sclerosis moves on and goes on with their lives, MSSI took the initiative of arranging for the screening of the film which was formally flagged off by Ms. Shreya P. Singh, IAS (Exec. Dir., TN Corporation for Development of Women, State Mission Director, National Urban Livelihoods Mission, TN. Govt.), in the presence of Ann Gonsalvez, Honorary Secretary, MSSI and Harry MacLure, the writer/director.
The screenplay describes the long journey of Amanda in a bicycle from Coonor to Chennai (to meet her daughter) and to Calcutta (to meet her granddaughter).

The film is a lesson – learning process as to how one has to face and overcoming challenges in the journey of one’s life!
CREDITS –Written and Wielded by-Harry MacLure
CAST –Priscilla Corner as Amanda, Gillian Pinto as Sabrina & Gillian Williamson as Calcutta Music & Sound Design-Ganesh Ramanna
Cinematography & Editing by-Nicholas Moses

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